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CAPI artist Sarah Perry reviewed in the Huffington Post!

One of the artists associated with our Consilience: Artist Presentation Initiative, Sarah Perry, currently has a show of her beautiful art works up at Koplin Del Rio gallery in Los Angeles.

Here is a review of the show on the Huffington post.  Her sculptures have an eery vulnerability and sense of foreboding that are worth seeing in person.

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Marina Moevs - Consilience presentation video

Bloom Research Inc. (BRI) hosted its second artist presentation under the Consilience; Artist Presentation Initiative. BRI presented artist Marina Moevs in Pasadena CA May 24,2015. Moevs spoke about her paintings, and the influence of science and the changing realities of the world have on her work.

subtitles are available for this video.  To enable/disable simply click on the CC button on the lower right of the video

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Marina Moevs - presentation photos

On Sunday, May 24th we hosted our second presentation with artist Marina Moevs at Offramp gallery in Pasadena.  The event was very well attended and we thank all that made it.  We are working hard on putting together a video of the talk which will be available on our site but in the meantime thought to post some photos of the event.

We want to thank Marina for giving such an insightful and captivating presentation and we are excited to keep growing the Consilience: Artist Presentation Initiative.

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