Imperial eagle migration updated

The Imperial eagle that was banded Sep 23, 2015 in Kazakhstan by Dr. Evgeny Bragin and Dr. Todd Katzner with assistance from Dr. Peter Bloom is on the move.  This post is dedicated solely to the data received about his migration path.  To read more about the entire project, please read the previous blog entry.

As of November 07, 2015, the eagle continues its migration flying south putting it near Sulayii in Saudi Arabia, having passed through northern Iran,  Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.  From the data received from the GPS-GSM radio transmitter,  he keeps getting blown slightly off course and then recovering seemingly due to the thermal winds from the west and the topography. Below that you will find maps courtesy of Dr. Todd Katzner tracking the eagle's movement. 

November 3-16, 2015

Posted on October 26, 2015 and filed under science.