Terry Berlier

Terry Berlier is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with sculpture and expanded media. Her work is kinetic, interactive, and sound-based, and focuses on issues dealing with the environment and queer practice. The research and content of her art stems from a deep interest in environmental sciences and the natural world, and investigates the evolution of human interaction with that world. As a part of her working process, she often extensively plans and consults with experts outside her field, including engineers, composers, architects and natural scientists. She has conducted field research at the Laboratory for Tree Ring Research at University of Arizona, for example, and at the Recology Waste Center in San Francisco, among other research venues. She has also explored the architecture of nuclear storage facilities, and the material waste of the U.S. housing markets cycles of boom and bust as contemporary sites where the cyclical nature of energy consumption gets recorded. Terry has exhibited in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally, and is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Art at Stanford University.


Installation view of solar powered sculpture that plays "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles when the sun is comes out. Tempo varies by the strength of light.