Sarah Perry

"Some of my most persistent heroes are scientists; Edward O. Wilson, Oliver Sacks, Richard Feynman. They've expanded my sense of wonder and given great depth to the meaning of time and change. It has been my experience of the natural world that the more you know, the more you love. As I find out the detailed habits of the wild roadrunners and ravens that I have taken to feeding, the more I am thrilled by them. Many of my sculptures are a direct outgrowth of my interest in nature and the materials I choose are frequently gathered there. Whether it's the bones in owl pellets or a ground squirrel pelt discarded by a hawk and mummified in a tree, they are fantastic finds. How better to communicate far-reaching evolution then through the use of thousands of tiny bones in the form of a delicate spiral staircase? Sometimes, however, it's not related directly to science at all and is more of a probing, akin to feeling in the dark.
We certainly are a peculiar species- able to straddle both objectivity and subjectivity simultaneously. We are one of nature's participants, as well as an observer. What we will develop into, if at all, is a mystery. One that is encoded in our very marrow to ask."     - Sarah Perry