Marina Moevs

"In recent times scientists have contributed the most exciting, innovative and revolutionary ideas.  Bold theories and breathtaking discoveries are reshaping our understanding not only of our world, but also of ourselves. Insights from microbiology and biology regarding the origins, evolution and nature of cells and the organisms they compose shine a bright new light on notions of individuality and identity.  Panoramic vistas in physics about multiple universes, additional dimensions, and the nature of space and time dematerialize our common notions of an objective reality.  In my paintings I strive to work through these ideas and to link them into an encompassing metaphysical framework, one that necessarily reevaluates our identity, and our connection with others and our environment."

 - Marina Moevs


Bloom Research Inc. (BRI) hosted its second artist presentation under the Consilience; Artist Presentation Initiative. BRI presented artist Marina Moevs in Pasadena CA May 24,2015. Moves spoke about her paintings, and the influence of science and the changing realities of the world have on her work.  Click the CC button (lower right) to enable/disable subtitles

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